Hiatus//New York City I

so much to confess
oh, Father.

it looks okay
it is falling apart.

misleading smile
it’s been
a whirlwind

set foot in
the homeland
only to
leave it in a fortnight

i really, really
miss home.

so hard
not being
around him

the ones i love most
are on the other side

of this big world.
“stop running”

i don’t know how
to stop.

i’ve been
running for
too long

my feet won’t stop
my wings are
too busy
helping me fly.

i pay the price
each day
you know
what i miss most?

about them all.


lack of attention.

over the television remote.

i am half a world away

from the reality
i’ve always
wanted to escape

don’t stop.

i ran the race
and won it
but here i am
in the city

the. city.

hear me
rant about it.




  1. Flutter little butter-fly. Far away
    Not from home, but from lands gray
    Think about the monsoons in May
    Carry the sign of a Mockinjay
    Have a marshmallow hot chocolate Kay?
    Eat. Love. Pray.


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