17, GOING ON 18

There we go.

It’s already 2017. The eighteenth year begins. Well, almost. Just as the new year begins, the day I have most dreaded and equally looked forward to draws nearer. So many conversations, often an expression of surprise followed by an air of nonchalance has perhaps eased the butterflies in my stomach. About the day. Yes, D-Day.

The clock will strike twelve. And just like that, you will no longer be a minor. Not a child, officially legal. An adult. Really? 

I still remember the fantasies I held about becoming a teenager. I’d be a rebel, I’d be more responsible, I’d be mature. Most importantly, and now I know why, I knew there was power that came with age. Being older meant something big in the social context I was brought up in, and it continues to mean something to me. Now, as I am at the brink of yet another “evolution” as my Pokémon Go-obsessed brothers would call it, I feel prepared. There, I said it.

And, what is going to change really? 17 will become 18, no more minor forms to fill, I will finally get that credit card I have been waiting on since the past five months. However, and it is high time I admit this, I will finally see myself in a different light. As I keep doing what I do, I cannot deny that this one, seemingly insignificant day has been awaited. Even as I continue to note why nothing ought to change, I subconsciously have accepted that I will never be 17 again. I am now legally responsible for myself and my actions. Accountable. Slightly old. But, the same person.

While I would love to believe that there will be some kind of major transformation as I wake up tomorrow morning, just as observed in fairytales, I am fully aware that this is who I am meant to be. As I am legally given the “You are now 18!” tag, there is nothing new that awaits this status. The process of adult-ing shall not suddenly dawn upon me, there will probably be no magical carriage waiting for me at the end of the road and there won’t be any kind of physical transformation. 

There will be an evolution of some kind though. And, I eagerly look forward to seeing what that translates into for me as an individual. 

PS: Wishing you all a very happy new year! Welcome 2017. 


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