Check In: (one word) Lost.

Hop on. Hop off. It has been 3 months since I last updated this blog, and instead of an apology post, I thought I’d ramp things up a little. The past three months have been a rollercoaster: of emotions, experiences and energy levels. As a freshman in college, I have been meeting some wonderful people and learning from each one of them. Even more importantly, I have been learning so much more about myself and who I am. 

And who are you really?

I suppose a lot of what I have experienced has to do with the city itself. Abu Dhabi has, as opposed to what I had expected, been a new story altogether. The anticipated sense of déjà vu never came about, and everything about this city has been new. Different. The first time. More specifically, I have been on a quest to find something. And, there is a lot that I have discovered. Some of this I can articulate, and others? They remain inexplicable. 

A mystery.

IN SYNC: To those days that were standard, serene and beautiful. The breeze sent a shiver down my spine, and my eyes could see much more than my camera. Some of this serenity was captured, but most of it was simply perceived. Felt. Heard. Seen.


FALL OUT: It’s all a blur, it’s all temporary. I see so much and yet, I see nothing. The bubble. And I leave. What am I afraid of? Of losing all of this, the people, the experiences and those moments. An illusion. That which is there today might die a painful death by tomorrow.


TRIAL AND ERROR: We get closer to our goals. The pursuit for it gets harder, tougher, stronger. No, I am not lost. I am found. So much more to do, so much more to do. It’s never ending, this quest. I get close to the end, or what I call the end, and it’s time for a new beginning. Maybe it’s never truly the end. Maybe it’s this overlap that keeps me going, the fuel. Power on, do the next big thing.


I am tremendously grateful for this phase of my life, I really am. But, learning isn’t a one-way road. You take three steps forward, encounter a challenge, and move back one or two steps. You are assisted, advised and admonished. You are never alone.

As I tread along this slightly bumpy road, I sneak a glance at what I left behind. To what led me up to where I am. But, where do you want to be? I don’t know. Or maybe, like so many of us, I know. I run away from it, faster and faster and faster. And, it dawns upon me that learning isn’t a one-way road, and often, that which is unexpected comes from the other end.

Check Out: (one word) Found.




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