-Within a Blink-

Hey there.

Have you been following the news lately? Maybe you have, to keep yourself updated about politics, and current events. Or maybe, you are into sports and entertainment. Even better, you follow Hollywood gossip, to know more about the feud between Taylor Swift and Kim K. All your social media keeps you updated on this; Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram. You name it, they see to it that you aren’t missing out on any of this extremely “ugly” feud. Trust me, I googled Taylor Swift today morning and the first thing that came up was: (refer to featured image)


Okay, let’s come to the point. Who is Taylor Swift? A celebrity, yes. A self-made woman, if I can throw in. But most importantly, she is “famous” (Get the reference?)

And, as record has it, famous people are often taken jibes at and accused. One day, they’re at the highest point of their career, and all we can seem to do about that is bring something negative in. You call it neutralising, and yet, it seems so shameful. Here is a woman who is a true inspiration to millions, sans the publicity, fame and everything else. The funniest thing about this entire scenario is the fact that, Taylor Swift also happens to be at the top of this year’s Forbes World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities List. However, all we seem to be obsessed with is what Kanye West (read: slightly dysfunctional, hungry for publicity, songwriter/performer/producer who has previously flooded our news with his silly antics) has to say about Taylor Swift.

You know, this isn’t even the issue that bothers me. It is with the fact that, time and again, we support and propogate this “hate” towards men/women who have made their way up the ladder. Some sportsperson has won a medal at the Olympics? All that our media can bring to light is what OTHER people have to say about this achievement, especially critics.

Here’s my point, short and simple: Appreciate. Accept. Admire. It is okay to not always criticise, it is okay to look up to somebody, for who they are and it is okay to gossip about an individual’s perfection. It’s getting boring, waking up only to see that the people you actually admire get nothing but criticism their way. Let’s change that? We often forget that these are REAL people with REAL emotions. And, while I’m not picking a side here, I am beginning to find the whole, “Oh, he/she is popular now? Let’s take jibes at them and insult them, so that nobody celebrates their achievements”, only to begin this entire hate cycle, very repetitive now. Annoying, even.

Taylor Swift isn’t the only victim of this cycle, you know that. What scares me is, we’re bringing this negativity into everything these days. It’s difficult to avoid it, because negativity sells. Controversies sell, and that is the blatant truth. Relationship drama, who dates whom in the showbiz world, the tattoos they get from heartbreak/being in love/(insert random reason here), all of this sells. But, while it does, entertainment and the world that revolves around this one word runs on this:

Within the blink of an eye, one can start at the bottom and reach heights that were not even imaginable previously.

The other side? Those who are at the top can free fall even as they make their way up, within the blink of an eye.

And, I cannot help but wonder why.



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