Life versus Death,

The biggest dilemma of my time.

Which one to desire?

Which one to despise?

You say Life.

Living for love and experience,

living for being and becoming somebody,

living for a purpose, a goal.

And yet, you die every day

doing what you call ‘living’

competing, trying to get better

and dragging yourself closer to Death.

Maybe you need to redefine

what living really means.

Redefine your outlook on living,

and the purpose you are fulfilling.

Their #lifegoals do not define living,

even those without these now know

of this conspiracy, the trance

you find yourself in, the dilemma

that swallows you, envelopes you.

For the dead once lived too,

a life full of pride and glory maybe.

Or maybe, one full of regret and pain

until the very end.

Which of these stories do you read?

Which of these dead interest you the most?

Is it the ones who lived life to the fullest,

in accordance with their own beliefs?

Or is it the others? The con men,

those who had no identity, no voice

those who realised what their life meant

only when they drew their final breath.

Once, there was a fine line drawn

between these two worlds, so well-defined

that those who truly lived could not die,

and those who died, never got a chance to live.

Stop killing yourself, in the name of ‘living’

and instead, cherish the present moment

not like it were your last, but your first.

For a life full of firsts.

Life versus Death,

The biggest dilemma of my time,

Because, in a life full of firsts,

Death is no more than a first too.

To come about when

there is nothing more to live for.


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