Philosophy: for the mind and soul

Today, I finished work on a paper I never thought I would write or rather, create. This paper came with hours and hours of research, several writer’s blocks and many interesting conversations with people I had hardly known. Maybe, this was how philosophy worked, it carried this sense of satisfaction, this strange sense of almost entering a new dimension.

A strangely isolated state of mind.

When I tell people that I am deeply interested in studying philosophy, I often get many questioning glances. How could I know what philosophy stands for? After all, a 17-year old is better off studying something better-explored and understood. Philosophy is ambiguous and often, senseless. It takes a slightly advanced and lunatic mind to take up this subject, rather. Often, to educate the mind, one needs to look beyond. Beyond the subjects that explain it all, to explain the inexplicable. Life’s ultimate enigma, it needs much more than a science/commerce/arts and humanities education to resolve.

Philosophy is a step closer towards decoding this enigma.

I wish there was a definite moment, THAT moment, when I truly fell in love with this subject. But, we are all curious and all of us want to KNOW. We want to know what we missed in class the previous day, or the ending to that movie that was taking way too long to buffer. Or even what the weather was going to be like the next day. And whether, Fortune was in our favour for the next 6 months. As human beings, we have a default sense of curiosity, which allows us to question and wonder. Wonder, what a potential situation could have been like. And, we know more and more. Slowly, we stumble upon the more basic questions, the questions that are not all that easy to answer.

Philosophy attempts to answer those unanswered questions.

Or, even better, ask them.

Yes, philosophy is an eternal journey, into all that exists and all that doesn’t. In the world we inhabit, and much, much beyond this world. Maybe that’s why, it takes a different mind to really study philosophy. But, every human, lives by his/her philosophy. You now know that the basic principles of physics and economics influence your existence and well, your money respectively. Philosophy flows deeper than that, with its almost invisible veins interweaving through your very existence. It translates to another dimension, and it takes a lot more to study this subject. 

Because, philosophy needs to first occur and strike a chord.

It needs to HAPPEN.

The beauty of this subject is in its indefinite-ness: it can be moulded to suit an individual’s perspective. Open-ended as it is, it is for a reader or prober to define philosophy and what it encapsulates. And, I have personally loved exploring and diving deep into the vast ocean of knowledge that surrounds this subject. It really does take a different mind to understand the answers to questions like: “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose in this life?”

So, here is a little note reminding myself that, the next time I mention ‘philosophy’ to a curious and yet, nosy friend/family member/stranger, I will not hesitate. I will not rethink my answer, because it took more than these people and their cynical comments to develop my current state of mind, and I cannot let it go. Sorry guys, +1 Archita; -1 rest of the world.

To everybody else out there, still figuring out where you belong in this cycle of life, figuring out where your ‘true calling’ really lies: Wait for it. It will come about, and until then, keep doing what you do best. Even if that means browsing the Internet. Or, painting faces.

That’s that, Philosophy 101 class comes to an end. 


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