La Pagina Nove (Page Nine)

Fallible, fallible humans. Their error in judgement often changes their life, toppling all that they had assumed to be yet another part, of their mundane life. Flaws shape them and break them, and it is I who gets to see what was really enclosed within. Hopes and dreams come crashing down at speeds that most definitely challenge that of light, and they leave me awestruck once again. What power, what infallibility, I silently marvel.

They prove me wrong, however. She does, with her very paradoxical sense of being. She lives a borrowed life, one that can be snatched from her any moment. With nothing in this world to call her own, she lives on, waking up to each day like it were her last, meant to be lived till the end. And yet, she goes through misery like none of those others can, a long-forgotten and hidden tragedy. In this tragic tale lies the truth and the false, interspersed into one. You will believe what you see and begin seeing what you believe. I told you, she is magical, and yet, nothing more than a pre-destined fallacy.

I finally bring to light this ‘she’, from outside the shadows. She will be given a form and a voice, and a story. Her story. It is mine too, the story we lived as one. You must know all this about her, to take the forward step. And by doing thus, you shall cross the threshold that shall no longer provide you refuge: when you let go, you truly let go. As it falls upon me as my duty to duly inform you, this ‘she’ might neither fascinate nor terrify you; and there is nothing novel in the pages you must flip further. Except one, one striking characteristic, one exception.

One tragic, tragic flaw.

We are the same, she and I. The girl I speak of is the voice that shall now narrate a tale so surreal,

that even the veracity of all that lies beneath shall reek of of pure deception.



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