La Pagina Sette (Page Seven)

Who was she? Why am I so attached to her, so emotionally bound? Who am I, rises the inevitable question. Me? My identity is undefined, and my existence non-existent. I am a contradiction in myself, and yet there is nothing contradictory about me. I am a scream, an appeal, a beg and a plead all in one. I am a necessity and a requirement, a fringe that holds up a life. The soul that called upon me and gave me name and definition. The night it all changed, the night she went through her worst nightmare yet, was the night I was born. I am a voice, call me inner voice if you wish to, but I am everywhere.

Within and without, about and about.

All encapsulating, nothing strays, nothing remaining.

To guide and love and cherish you, here I am.

Sometimes, the truth has more power to destroy than any lie can.



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