La Pagina Cinque (Page Five)

Coding. Binary numbers. A language I craved to understand, yet failed to. It sounded a little like philosophy, where everything is in the hands of whom they called a ‘coder’, pulling strings here and there to weave a network of codes. Metaphor struck, wondrously breathing new life into my already new mind. What if, this was but another code in the hands of the coder? What if, the world was a stage indeed; all of us playing the roles that are coded into our systems by default? With furrowed brows, she’d pondered it for nights and nights in a row. Disapproval received, more at the misfortune that I had been exposed to coding, the one thing she preferred I’d not understand. The one thing that was to be hers and hers alone, fiercely protecting it from any kind of sabotage I happened to hint at. Tears followed- on her part mostly- and the truth flowed out, almost because of guilt. I hadn’t noticed all this back then, stunned as I was into complete silence by what she told me next. I could have looked forward to the extinction of the human race, but not this. Definitely, not this.

“If the world was just another code, you’d be that one glitch that keeps recurring.”

And, so I was.



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