La Pagina Due (Page Two)

When life was but another game. To be played in high spirits, no matter who won or who lost. Eyes shut, numbers counted, search initiated, the hidden revealed, giggles shared, happiness sealed. All over again. Like a wheel that must turn until stopped. Or, as I knew it, like the moon that would show up each night no matter what. But, what about those occasional nights, when it did not? When I needed it the most to guide me through the darkness that enveloped all around me without any mercy at all? I’d ask- every single time- despite the refusal that I knew awaited me on the other shore. Some things never change, and the world wasn’t ruled by the righteous always, she’d told me. I’d wonder: where was the good and evil after all? How long would I have to fight the monsters in my mind till the princess finally emerged? I could think about it for years, but the answer barely took a fraction of a second to surface. Young as I was, I chose to stay in denial for a little too long.

“Forever”, that voice whispered.



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