Somewhere far far away
a shooting star went astray.
Carrying within it all the cosmic energy,
trapped as it had been in powerful synergy.

 It took various shapes and forms,
Breaking all rules and norms,
Which made them wonder if
it wasn’t what they thought it was, a far cry from the cliff.

 As it evolved and defined itself,
I envisioned a miracle myself.
I saw it take shape of a girl,
and felt my world uncontrollably whirl.

Specks of stardust coming together,
binding them all, every sister and brother.
To form Her and her eternal soul,
as I stood watching in a far corner, a dark ghoul.

 Her very existence intoxicated me,
and there was always that something about her I longed to see.
The magic within her became my reason to be
all that I was and more. A discovery of tiny pieces of me.

 Magical souls entwined.
Interwoven lives, almost destined
to be what they were. And what they became
in each other’s presence was hardly the same.

 She shines bright, without a care in the world.
And in the time I’ve known her, she has never fit the mould
we all are expected to fit in. She glorifies the word ‘exception’,
yes. Her life is nothing short of inception.

 Somewhere far far away,
a shooting star went astray.
At first glance, its  form was calculable.
Yet, and a paradox she was indeed, she remained unfathomable.



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