#lifegoals? Not really.

Last year was full of new clichés, full of goals and what not. With people obsessing over hashtags like #boygoals and #relationshipgoals, I decided to write a little something about it.

Being a very active person on social media, I see to it that I am up-to-date with any new trends that come up. And, the #goals trend came up on Instagram for the first time. After about a few months of making the rounds, I could take it no more. Quite the intolerant one, I decided to actually investigate into what this was all about. Why did people even have to publicise their goals, specifically on flawless pictures, which seemed as real as black and white unicorns? (Yes, very very unreal!)

And, perfection is something we humans crave for. But, my idea of perfect need not be your idea of perfect ALWAYS. I still can’t comprehend why people think thus, trying to promote(only too hard) that your goals and my goals are the same. So, here is what it all comes down to: use the hashtag, it will die down like all things on social media must one day; but while its life span is still in its peak, try to live for yourself sometimes.

Because, sometimes, living for yourself and your identity is not as easy it seems. Try to zoom into the blur sometimes, you might just strike gold. 


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