To the world, she is beautiful. To her, she isn’t. Does that happen to a butterfly too? With its patterned wings, be that colourful spots on a black body or brilliant blues, greens and pinks on a body so fragile, almost as thin as paper, it flies with no hesitation or fear. It never develops an inferiority complex or the tendency to suicide because it isn’t pretty enough. It doesn’t compete with its fellow mates, fighting and crying over who is more beautiful. It doesn’t get plastic surgeries or botox treatments done. You may argue that it can’t actually get a nose job done now, can it? It doesn’t have the money or the ability to modify its appearance. But, isn’t that a boon for these birds and animals?

We consider our human race the most superior of all species that currently exist on our planet Earth. Our sixth sense is to be thanked for that, I believe. The ability to perceive everything around us is what is destroying us slowly. Today, a young girl who’s barely 6 or 7 years old decides with her friends that she ought to get a lip job done. And why, I wish to question? Is her lip imperfect? If she does believe her lip isn’t as perfect as it should be, who even raised the doubt in her mind? Maybe it’s high time we caught hold of such people and remove this ‘be perfect’ bug from their minds.

I am a teenager, and trust me when I say I know much more about this issue than anyone else. Ironically, I’m always surrounded by people who go on and on about how their lipstick could have been applied better, about how that mascara totally doesn’t suit her and how I could have looked much better had I met up with all the girls three hours before the party. Let’s be realistic and practical here. No matter what I do, ultimately I will end up looking like myself. Why should I work so hard on something that’s temporary and doesn’t concern me to the least? I’ve travelled quite a bit and in my experience, people who are successful and kind are the most gorgeous people I’ve ever known. They have big hearts and they’ve learnt how to help and love unconditionally, not just flip their oh-so-amazing hair with blonde streaks about.

Thus, I hope not to offend anybody here, for what I write is what I believe. But, do think about it. When we’re given something, something that we may or may not use, why do we end up misusing it? Consider yourself to be mighty only when you’ve learnt humility. Consider yourself to be superior only if you’ve realised and appreciated the beauty of your being. The beauty of simply being you.


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