New Year, Old Me

*I am the colour of boom,

that’s never arriving*

IT’S A NEW YEAR, and I had to begin my year with this random lyric from my favourite song, Polaroid. I would say, last year was a Polaroid, whisking by like a picture taken on panorama. Highlights remain, and everything else is stored, yet already forgotten. As resolutions and hopes build up, I thought I would write something about what this year means to me, or is about to. Because a New Year deserves this post.

Last year screamed stability, happiness and positivity for me. It made me look at myself and the world around me through a different lens, writing my way through the world. I discovered, explored and tread upon anything I found curious, and I carved a new identity for myself. It is this me, this girl who writes as she does, about all that she sees and lives simultaneously. This girl continues to see it all, and this change in year has only given her much more to look forward to.

Thus, I’d like to be the old me, the one who doesn’t make resolutions as the year changes, but lives life each second. Lives it as it must be lived, without any negativity. Old me believes in people, and motivates those that need it desperately. Old me has the power to change and break free and yet, remain true to herself.

And, dear old me, let us not change anything this 2016. It is only the year that has changed, but you and I? We believe in just being ourselves and cruising through this year, with nothing to regret or fear.

“One more time gotta start all over,

Can’t slow down, I’m a lone red rover.”




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