The other day I was told

about lives bought and sold

in the local market, like sheep

against the backdrop of wails, they weep.

They weep, because there is nothing left?

Or do they weep, because they are bereft

of what little was holding them together?

Those loose ties that bound them, they wither.

Why do they point fingers and accuse

those who were once innocent, it does amuse

how people change colour in the blink of an eye,

only to assure themselves, “just one more lie”.

And it adds up, one to two to three

to four to five to six to infinity.

Mistakes once made, can be corrected.

But, what of these endless mistakes they suspected?

They closed their doors, once open so wide

that nothing could bring them down, no terrible tide.

Irony got me thus, when they told the world otherwise,

the move had been made even before they rolled the dice.

Chaos and mayhem ensued, for days in a row,

while it all fell apart, reaching a new low.

“Could it all be reversed, was there a way out?”,

they wished to think, yet scream and shout.

As the world reads of this with furrowed brows,

distrust spreads like wildfire, like broken vows.

Just ten times worse, because this time

it is humanity versus itself, a war so paradigm.

I speak of the war within, and the conflict within,

of the questions that plague me within.

Does anybody care to answer these questions?

Will somebody care to explain these contradictions?

You hold the reins of peace and war in the same hand,

and pick at each victory strand by strand.

No, don’t pick a side. Stand for what you truly believe in

and look for the answers that lie therein.

When it comes to you, you wish the world to react.

To forget everything else, to add and subtract

what little they have, just so you can live

another day. When did you ever give?

Answer me.

Okay, here’s the real deal. Let me blurt it already

for those uncertain. Hold yourselves steady.

We are one species, and we sure do have contrasts

amongst ourselves. No need to resolve them, no need for blasts.

Yes, you heard me right. No need to resolve,

just learn to accept. Develop and evolve

into the species you once were, you once had been.

And, earn your victory the right way, the ultimate win.

An eye for an eye may make the whole world blind,

but what of the conscience? What about being kind?

The simplest of all virtues, so brutally exploited,

each and every bit of it left permanently amputated.

It hurts, each time you trade one soul for another,

when you buy your vengeance at the cost of a mother

and her wails and cries. Aren’t they loud enough

for you to hear, are you really that tough?

Or is cold-blooded the right word, a word so apt,

and if it wasn’t, why do you listen so rapt?

Something must prick and sting deep inside,

for however hard you try, you cannot hide.

The guilt. The sorrow. The consequence.

They now call for war, and for revenge,

to hunt and sniff them out and scavenge

like wild animals. Did you say evolution?

Oh, I must have heard it wrong then. “The only logical solution”.

What a time it is to be alive, I tell you,

to be just another teenager building up her view

on the world, whilst such anger and misery rages,

and all we can do is flip the pages.

We flipped the pages of history and here we are,

making the same mistakes again, starting with the same scar.

We will now flip the pages of the present, only to see,

the repetition of all that happened, what we could not be.

Something lies forgotten, that spirit of brotherhood

which was built by us, it should have stood

through these times of trials and griefs.

Not simply broken off like diseased leaves. 

Because, it is irreplaceable; this bond we share.

Like invisible connections to the people we actually care

about, and give a damn. Who is even left now?

Even those who are won’t last long, they avow.

When everything seems so desperate, so hopeless,

when you have been there, at that locus

of terror and rage, take one step further, even half

makes a difference. It can save one life and an epitaph.

I wish I knew how, what to do after all this pain.

It began as a drizzle and soon turned into unrelenting rain.

All I know is this: make it all count, let it not be in vain.

It shall end very soon, this rancorous reign.

Very, very soon.


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