Three bullets for the heart

As the night ends, the first breaks of dawn appear. Stuck between twilight and breaking dawn, she, along with a million other souls, wanders for a while longer. A sense of direction lost, she aimlessly lets herself follow the crowd. A strong soul indeed, probably the strongest, she was someone else a long time back. She knew it as she floated around, lamenting what she had been once upon a time. Something had escaped her, could it be her spirit to stand apart? To lead the way and not simply follow? One would never know.
As Moon wraps up her shift, sternly pushing stubborn stars to make way for Sun, already in line with her troops of a billion rays, something clicks. An old memory makes an appearance, taking with it all those involved. A momentary void and then, a sudden flash. From sultry darkness to stupendous brightness. Light, light everywhere but not a soul in sight. Moon and Sun in a trance, already forgetting what had just transpired. And they thought the Moon died each night to let the Sun live on for another day. When, in actuality, they had always co-existed, sharing their space equally from time to time. How long till they accepted this? One would never know.
As he gave up all that he had ever dreamt of having: a loving family, a sustainable livelihood and a respectable image in society to fight for the country, he could hardly predict the consequences. National pride and faith, he was told. A lifetime of respect to cherish, he was promised. A slightly hard lifestyle, but one that he could definitely get used to, he told himself. And the tables turned only to reveal what had appeared to be glittery but was actually the gloomiest colour of them all. All that effort made for nothing or so it seemed. Striving to prove his worth leading to self sacrifice lead to loud and endless wails and mourning led to a few headlines led to some uproar which ironically, led to an eerie silence. An abrupt end to a not-so-abrupt lifetime.
Would an answer ever be found to all such ‘calamities’? One would never know.


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