Little somethings

Endless road

Once upon a time,

There was a young girl who liked to rhyme

Her verses, yet tell her story to all.

Every tale of her life was in words, big or small.

There was a boy somewhere else.

He was an introvert, but he could identify the true and the false.

Being the epitome of magnanimity, he had a heart quite big.

But his past, even his closest friends had to continuously dig.

One fine New Years’ eve, she wished him

It was a dawn very dark and dim.

They had hardly ever spoken to each other

Yet, they talked all night like best friends talk to one another.

Life came between them and so did other things,

Each of them grew up and mutually they grew wings.

They complemented each other through thick and thin,

Against the world, just a team of them both was enough to win.

She was a curious young girl, he a locked up young man

The more he kept secrets, the more behind them she ran.

And finally, there came a day where a happy void lay

between them. No more dark secrets, new things to say.

What a storm they together went through!

From dark night skies to the morning sky blue

He listening to her every cry and wail,

Calming and soothing her, like a sweet nightingale.

Oh, what words are left to thank a person so kind?

Meet him and you’ll forever keep him in your mind.

Never an angry word, yet an unspoken impassiveness

There is a mystic aura about him, a deep sense of thoughtfulness.

He will respect you and treat you like you’re special,

Create memories with him, for in those you will forever revel.

Yes, he is perfect as he is. Known by few, loved by all

In all his compassion and self-dignity, he stands proud and tall.

It’s been three years since that first conversation.

Ever since, we’ve talked about everything without hesitation.

Despite the sprouting of any new secret or revelation,

We will stay together forever and ever, in united isolation.

Written piece of poetry

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