A note to myself


This is to you. The girl who has been so brave till now, and did not let anything pull her down. Yes, you are that girl who believed in yourself and helped others believe in themselves too. You, who has handled every change with grace and hardly let it change you. You, who realises the importance of people distant and near, and appreciates and respects them equally. You, who has been blessed by teachers and their constant presence that has never let you waver from your goals.

You are that girl who is hardworking and sincere and smart and talented. Oh boy, you sure are talented. You are the girl, after all, who never gave up and did exactly what she wanted to do. You always had a vision, and you knew how to work towards it too. You are a motivator and a teacher, as much as you are a student and a learner. You went for what was way out of range and now, you are closer to it than ever. Just put your hand out, and you’ll have it all.

Believe it or not, you deserve it all. All that untimely love and affection, you earned it. Nothing comes for free in the world, especially not love. You paid for it a long time ago, without even knowing you did so. In the spur of a moment, as your whole life changes right in front of your eyes, you simply marvel. You marvel without knowing that you are the one who brought about the miracle in the first place. You are seeing the effects of something you once triggered, something truly magical.

The best part, however, is the way you mean something to people around you. They enjoy your company. Those conversations you dismiss as ‘silly talk’? They play it over and over in their heads until it is almost reality again. They love you and wish you were by their side always, and you sure don’t disappoint them. You are treasured, yes, there comes the confession. You are precious, and you may not believe it, but you mean the world to some.

So, put aside all your doubts and uncertainties and just be who you are. Get through high school with grades you will be proud of, get into that college of your dreams and get wherever you want to be. See the world, and give people a chance to know you and love you. Be fearless, you are out to conquer and your past victories are testimony to the fact that, once you are on the hunt, you come back with victory. Always.

Most of all, be positive. Stay happy and cheerful and enigmatic and charming and brilliant and fierce. And, be the person they will look up to. The girl who lived her life on her terms, and simply blazed through it like a fire gone wild. Yes, no matter who the world thinks you are, be who you want to be. One day, they will see you as you are, a lot more than just another girl. That day, you’ll be more than a name and a personality. You will be a powerful force, and one to reckon with. 


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