Unspoken, unsaid

I am a philosophical person in a way. But, I don’t believe in any particular religion. Yes, I choose to appreciate and be a part of all religions. Religion, as I define it, is the unity of all the positive energy in this world. People have a misconception that religion is a category, a group of people who “think” and “live” similarly. Which is what I wish to verify here.

For quite a while, I have been requested to begin a blog of my own. Something that people can connect to, empathise with and speak about. Here’s something you ought to know about me: I find religion a controversial topic. Being a teenager, I’m told to keep my views and perspectives to myself. As the author of this blog, I wish to exercise full control over what I share. Thus, after a lot of hesitation, I can finally express my opinion.

Religion, it isn’t a backup plan or something you can justify your actions with. It’s what you believe and why. In general, people are identified by their religions, communities and castes. This is something which has been happening for a long time now. As the wave of modernism is sweeping people along with it, these divisions no longer exist. Or are they just invisible?

Think about this. Centuries of communal tensions between two communities, can it really just disappear so easily? I am neither arguing for or against this observation, but I find it necessary to express my stand on this. It’d be great if, indeed, such categories have disappeared. In my eyes, nevertheless, we are living in an illusion. And it’s high time we come out of it. 


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