Save Me.

Words through Nature

1:40 A.M
Wide Awake,
Troubled By thoughts,
By Images of Men being lynched,
By Misdirecting Newsmen,
Who shout their throats out,
In order to showcase their Anger toward
Something they so little  know of,
Something they so little have felt.

I see a Man,
Vested in his Orange,
Talking to A million,
About  technological progress,
About how it will shape our tomorrow.
While He drowns in sorrow.

He Works all day,
The sun bearing down hard on him,
He Toils with his plough,
Blow,  after blow
Toils, He still.

He Works from dawn to dusk,
To harvest his husk,
He Works, his life
Only but a strife.

Speak now,
Vested Man ;
Speak for Him,
Who Ploughs his way through life,
Living his way through strife.
Speak for Him,
Whose food feeds the nation,
Whose life sees no elation.
Speak for Him,
Whose Body is Succumbing, slowly,
Speak for Him,

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