All about that travel- Part III

Presenting before you the final episode of my journey, rediscovering and exploring instability in its raw form. Benvenuto in Italia! I have always harboured a secret desire to visit Italy, and I am currently quite obsessed with everything Italian. Why this strange inclination, you wonder? Here’s why.

Sometime back, I came across a random Latin text. Since childhood, I have hated the feeling of not understanding something written, i.e., for some strange reason, I like learning languages. And that’s how I chose to learn Italian. It is so beautiful, poetic and mesmerising. 🙂

The journey ends here, and what a wonderful ride it has been. Indeed, Italy was beautiful and inspiring. All of us are bound to be depressed, insecure and lonely at times. That’s not as bad as we make it out to be though. Instead, each moment we live ought to teach us something new. At this stage of life, I was sailing a boat which headed towards nowhere. The direction of the wind determined its course and all I could do was steer the boat safely ashore. Maybe that’s what we all must do in life. Rather than fretting vainly upon things we have absolutely no control over, it is more worthwhile if we accept everything that comes our way graciously with open arms. With this thought, I leave you to ponder upon the veracity of this statement and start living differently from today. Why today? Live each moment from now,  joyously and with a positive outlook. 

With this, I end my tale about the hardest years of my life. Let there be a new and bright dawn!


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