All about that travel- Part II

As I promised, here comes the second part of the story I had started narrating last time. In this part, bienvenue a Paris! The city of lights, the home of the Eiffel Tower and the ultimate holiday destination for soon to-be-couples and honeymooners. 

Yes, you guessed it right. That is the Euro Star, running from London to Paris. It was a wonderful experience, travelling by this train to Paris and that too on Bastille Day. Like every other teenage girl, I had dreamt various things about this city, about the people, the fashion industry and of course, the Eiffel Tower.


 Here are some pictures I managed to click atop and below the Tower. It was a perfect day, cloudy and wet. To all the couples out there, there isn’t a better time to visit Paris than juillet. Loved the view from the very top, it almost felt like heaven. I think it’s important I tell you guys here that, in life, independence is what we thrive for. And sometimes, as if to tell us that it comes easier than what we think, we live moments where we are in control of everything around us. Such moments are much more precious than you think. Live them to the fullest!

Other than that, I travelled in a “Bateaux-Mouches” on the river Seine, which was also a wonderful experience. 


With une femme française



 Paris, in all aspects, is a beautiful and glorious city. Being familiar with the French Revolution and the reign of Napoleon succeeding that, I was inspired to see the city brim with new life and energy. But, Parisians do remember their country’s past and the instability it underwent during the 18th century. Every Bastille Day, they celebrate the victory of common men against the powerful, a peculiar trend that has been observed multiple times in history. How inspiring is that? :”)

Maybe instability is temporary, I thought. All my life, I have had the opportunity to explore and adjust to different places, meet new people and get emotionally attached. And I still cursed it in my mind. Could there be a bigger paradox?

With these thoughts I leave you, till the next part of my tale. Arrivederci!


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