All about that travel- Part I

How many of us associate instability with discomfort? Or, sometimes, something not preferred and unhappy? Most of us, I believe. For I was one of them too. Until last summer, when my entire perspective about this one word changed. Completely. 

Unlike others, I am quiet transparent and I think most people in my life know everything about me. As you read this post, I hope to reveal something new about myself. A lesson learnt, story shared or an emotion expressed. This said, I present to you a major turning point in my life a.k.a. Europe ’14. 


So, here I am. Dreamer girl herself. This picture was taken in London and somehow, this symbolises everything I am. It was our first family tour abroad, 14 days long. And London mesmerised me. Being a Mumbaikar, I had heard many stories about this city and had even studied its history. Definitely, visiting there was very special and I hope to go there again, sometime soon. 😀

Hello, Baker Street! As a lot of you Sherlockians might know, this place is most famous for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s brainchild, “Sherlock Holmes”. I was elated when I actually passed this place, and that explains why the picture is slightly shaky.

I leave you with these two pictures, and I will continue telling you my story in further posts. Do stay tuned. 


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